Mexico, officially called the United Statesof Mexico, is a country located in the north of the American continent, in the south of the United States and in the north of Guatemala.

Geographic location:
The extreme coordinates that frame the Mexican territory are: North: 32 ° 43′ 06” north latitude, at Monument 206, on the border with the United States of America (3 152.90kilometers).

South: 14 ° 32′ 27” north latitude, at the mouth of the Suchiate River, border with Guatemala (1 149.8 kilometers).

East: 86 ° 42’36” west longitude, at the southeastern end of Isla Mujeres
West: 118 ° 27’24” west longitude, at Punta Roca Elefante on Isla de Guadalupe, in the Pacific Ocean.

Borders: 3152 km north with USA UU.,Southeast 956 km with Guatemala and 193 km with Belize.

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