Strategies and methods of design and construction:

In the Design and Construction Industries,there are two methods that are typically implemented when a new construction project is made. This can be an expansion Project or a new construction Project, but the owner or client must first decide, according to their needs, which method to implement and understand the benefits and risks involved in each method.
It is important to first understand the meaning of “Design and construction” for a new Project. As mentioned in its name, “design” refers to the development of the Project or idea and “construction” refers to the creation or construction of the ideaor Project. It is in the relationship orcoordination of these two concepts “design” and “construction” that the two methods are different. These two methods are the “Fast-Track” method and the traditional / conventional method, which does not really have an oficial name, but in this case, we will call it the “Design-Bid-Build” method.

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