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CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS | Suntak Project Management SA de CV


All materials work in different ways and have different characteristics that vary according to the use that is going to give. For example; When you want to make a construction the materials used are the most effective to be worked in that area such as: stainless steel, iron, wood, brick, reinforced stone, ceramics, etc. According to data; a concrete has been created very similar to the traditional but that has characteristics to avoid fires. With this new innovation the houses that are built with this type of concrete will be immune to the flames, which would give a greater protection to the family and avoid the payment of expensive fire insurance. New materials have been developed to be used in different branches of construction such as: chemistry, physics, computer science and biology. These materials have been studied by the science of materials. These materials are created through various combinations of elements of the periodic table. Using nanotechnology, new materials can be manufactured. This will allow you to make them and control their structure. With nanotechnology, micro devices that can be used in various fields will be created.


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