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SERVICES | Suntak Project Management SA de CV



We carry out a thorough analysis of the economic, social, and technological scenario as well as the infrastructure,making us the best alternative for the purpose of offering the most profitable option when acquiring new properties.


The objective in all of our projects is to achieve three main goals, which are: Punctuality, Quality, and Agreed Cost. Safety and protecting the environment are an essential part of all projects. In order to achieve these goals, we have highly qualified personnel, which results in high productivity and reduction of indirect costs.

  • Cost Estimation
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Time Control
  • Safety Control


We are dedicated to real estate development, especially the resort residential condominiums and high-quality rental office buildings. Thorough development businesses, we have accumulated a great amount of experience and knowledge in market analysis, feasibility study, financial arrangements, sales, operation and maintenance of the properties, which, in turn, enhances our capabilities in design, engineering and construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

We are glad to offer our services for your real estate development projects.


Our Design Department is staffed with highly qualified architects, capable of developing the most efficient projects to fully meet our clients’ requirements and needs.


Using the best criteria, we offer our clients professional evaluations, supported by detailed technical analyses where the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the best alternative in project functionality, operation, and cost can be clearly appreciated.


In order to meet each one of our clients’ requirements for their buildings, we pay special attention to engineering specialties, such as structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, sanitary, communications, and special systems engineering. Our projects are developed in accordance with official Mexican standards and international building codes.

  • Structural Design
  • Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plumbing Systems Design
  • Fire Protection and Alarm Systems Design
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Construction Specifications


Our company has highly qualified personnel, who can offer the services required for processing permit applications, freeing our clients from any drawbacks. Some examples are: land use, building, construction, land development, plots, divisions, and merging permits applications.


Through our maintenance service, our clients receive a detailed diagnosis of the conditions of their facilities, buildings, and systems, with the objective of developing an optimal prevention and maintenance plan, which allows our clients to achieve to lower operation cost, durability, property safety and invaluable sense of wellbeing for their users.

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